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Your local branch of the national charity Headway providing information and support for brain injured people, their families and carers.

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Headway is a UK-wide charity that offers support and services to brain injured survivors and their families and carers.

There are 108 Headway Groups and Branches, giving support at local level. Headway UK, the umbrella organisation, provides information through its publications, website and Helpline. More than half of all calls to the Helpline are from people directly affected by brain injury, often because they have nowhere else to turn. Headway also campaigns for the introduction of measures that will reduce the incidence of brain injury and for improvements in care and rehabilitation

Headway started in 1979 because of a growing number of people surviving brain injury. This is a healthcare challenge that is not going to go away. The difficulties a brain injury can cause may not be obvious to other people. Because of this it is often referred to as a hidden disability. It can change the life of the person with the brain injury and those around them.

The HEADWAY UK Helpline exists to provide information, advise on sources of support, find local rehabilitation services or offer a listening ear to those experiencing problems. Headway Helpline staff are available from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and can be contacted on: 0808 800 2244. Information about brain injury, including useful publications is also available on Headways website.

Benefits for people suffering head injury (courtesy of the BBC)

Click the following link to view a list of benefits provided to people of disabilites courtesy of the BBC. This can also be viewed as a *.PDF document using Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking the following document BBC Benefits List

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